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By initialing this form, I hereby give permission to Unscripted Learning to shoot photographs and video of my child. I also authorize such photography by outside news media as arranged for by the Unscripted Learning. I acknowledge that any images taken of my child will become the permanent property of Unscripted Learning, and of the reporting news organization. By signing this, I forfeit all claims to these images and acknowledge that Unscripted Learning, and the reporting news organizations reserve all rights to use, publish, copy, display, distribute and broadcast these photos, and to use the likeness, the name, and the words of my child in any/all print, electronic or digital media at any time. I understand that I will not be compensated in any way for such use.
Unscripted Learning strives to create programs for a variety of participants with differing skills. We do recognize that we cannot meet all students' needs in our CONNECTIONS program. For this reason and others, we have a brief initial screening interview conducted by our program director to help us plan accordingly for individual student needs and the group as a whole. Our program is based on an acceptance system and we reserve the right to refuse or discontinue participation in our programs for any reason.