We’ve had several feature stories about Unscripted
Learning on the news. Here’s a sampling.

Interview of our directors on Good Morning San Diego on KUSI

What can your ASD student learn from participating in improv training? Social and interaction skills, confidence, and the ability to focus. What can your ASD student teach other budding comedians and improv actors? How to let go of their filters.

Our students on display on CBS 8

Autism takes center stage with the Connections program offered by Unscripted Learning. What can be gained by the use of improv training among ASD students? As it turns out, lots.

Interview of our directors Gary Kramer & Richie Ploesch on NBC 7

Did you know that Unscripted Learning is the longest running show in San Diego history? Now it’s program “Connections” is bringing improv training to the ASD community to help students gain social skills and confidence.